Below you will find a number of network providers community guides. They are intended for CUSTOMER use only. If your network, or your upstream's network, is not a customer of one of these networks, you will NOT be able to use the communities outlined in these guides.

We will make every effort to ensure these guides are up to date, but if there is an update, or a network guide, not reflected here please tell us about it by emailing us at bgp-guide (at)

Network ASNetwork Name
AS 174Cogent Communications
AS 209CentryLink Inc
AS 513CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
AS 577Bell Canada
AS 701Verizon
AS 1239Sprint Business Internet
AS 1270UUNet DE
AS 1273Cable & Wireless Plc.
AS 1290PSINet UK
AS 1299TeliaSonera International
AS 1759Sonera
AS 2683Radio-MSU
AS 2764AAPT/
AS 2828Verizon Business
AS 2914NTT Communications
AS 3212Triera Internet
AS 3216Golden Telecom
AS 3239SUrNet - Russia
AS 3257Tiscali International Network
AS 3292TDC A/S
AS 3300BT Infonet
AS 3320T-Systems DTAG
AS 3327Data Telecom
AS 3356CentryLink Inc
AS 3491Beyond the Network (BtN)
AS 3549CentryLink Inc
AS 3561Savvis Communications
AS 4436GTT Communications, Inc
AS 4589EasyNet
AS 5400BT Ignite
AS 5408Greek Research and Technology Network
AS 5523RM Telecom
AS 5580Atrato IP Networks
AS 5606KPNQwest Romania
AS 5617Polish Telecom
AS 5650Electric Lightwave
AS 6128Altice
AS 6461Zayo Group
AS 6663Euroweb Romania
AS 6667Eunet Finland
AS 6730sunrise / TDC Switzerland AG
AS 6854Telecom Centre Joint Stock Company
AS 6855SK Slovak Telecom
AS 6993InterNAP - AS6993 - AS64512
AS 7018AT&T Communications
AS 7029Windstream Communications
AS 7132SBC Internet Services
AS 7385Integra Telecom Inc.
AS 7474Optus (Owned by Singtel)
AS 7911CentryLink Inc
AS 7922Comcast Cable Backbone
AS 8001Net Access Corporation
AS 8100IPTelligent LLC
AS 8218Neo Telecoms Group
AS 8220COLT Internet
AS 8374Polkomtel S.A.
AS 8437TELE2UTA Telekom GesmbH
AS 8708Romania Data Systems S.A.
AS 8714LINX Route Server
AS 8897Mistral Internet Group
AS 8928Interoute
AS 9009RealROUTE International Network
AS 9026Utility Line Italia S.r.l.
AS 11537Abilene I2 Backbone
AS 12332Primorye
AS 12732Cogent Multihomed ISPs
AS 13105LUKoil Inform
AS 13299Ebone France
AS 15412FLAG Telecom
AS 15725IKS GmbH
AS 15756Caravan
AS 16030Alta Tecnologia en Comunicaciones
AS 19092360Networks
AS 19401NRL PacketNet
AS 20535InSat GmbH
AS 22773Cox Communications
AS 23265Pocket iNet
AS 29838Atlantic Metro
AS 45177Vibe Communications