Applied Route Flap Damping Policy conformant to RIPE-178

Peerings (IPv4 & IPv6) are welcome 😉

Community Support Definitions for Customers

1. Communities controlling AS path prepending for
customer routes on egress:

community effect
12732:1000 do not announce at BCIX
12732:1001 prepend one at BCIX
12732:1002 prepend two at BCIX

12732:2000 do not announce at FFM/DeCIX
12732:2001 prepend one at FFM/DeCIX
12732:2002 prepend two at FFM/DeCIX

12732:3000 do not announce at DUS/ECIX
12732:3001 prepend one at DUS/ECIX
12732:3002 prepend two at DUS/ECIX

12732:3050 do not announce at BLN/ECIX
12732:3051 prepend one at BLN/ECIX
12732:3052 prepend two at BLN/ECIX

12732:3100 do not announce at HBG/ECIX
12732:3101 prepend one at HBG/ECIX
12732:3102 prepend two at HBG/ECIX

12732:4000 do not announce at KLEYREX
12732:4001 prepend one at KLEYREX
12732:4002 prepend two at KLEYREX

12732:4100 do not announce at QSC
12732:4101 prepend one at QSC
12732:4102 prepend two at QSC

12732:4200 do not announce at DECIX
12732:4201 prepend one at DECIX
12732:4202 prepend two at DECIX

12732:4300 do not announce at AMSIX
12732:4301 prepend one at AMSIX
12732:4302 prepend two at AMSIX

12732:4400 do not announce at LINX
12732:4401 prepend one at LINX
12732:4402 prepend two at LINX

12732:9000 backup only (below peers, uplink, customer)
12732:9001 to customer only
12732:9001 to customer and peering

12732:9010 do not announce to PL
12732:9011 do not announce to LA
12732:9012 do not announce to ME
12732:9013 do not announce to CO
12732:9014 do not announce to KP
12732:9015 do not announce to L3
12732:9016 do not announce to SY

2. Communities tagging the source of routes

12732:100 peer route, learned at BCIX
12732:200 peer route, learned at DECIX
12732:300 peer route, learned at ECIX-DUS
12732:305 peer route, learned at ECIX-BLN
12732:310 peer route, learned at ECIX-HBG
12732:400 peer route, learned at KLEYREX
12732:410 peer route, learned at QSC
12732:420 peer route, learned at DECIX
12732:430 peer route, learned at AMSIX
12732:440 peer route, learned at LINX

12732:21 peer route, learned in Duesseldorf
12732:31 peer route, learned in Amsterdam
12732:30 peer route, learned in Berlin
12732:40 peer route, learned in Hamburg
12732:69 peer route, learned in Frankfurt

The above information was collected from whois.ripe.net, using
object "AS12732" on April 15, 2022

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