Macro used for uplinks

Community Entry Point
8319:1 Own routes
8319:5 Customer routes
8319:10 Routes received from Teleglobe
8319:20 Routes received from Global Crossing
8319:30 Routes received from GATel (private Peering)
8319:60 DE-CIX direct Peerings
8319:61 DE-CIX direct Peerings with Backup at MAE-FFM
8319:62 DE-CIX Peering with Route-Server
8319:63 DE-CIX Peerings through Backup-Router@de-cix
8319:68 DFN/G-WiN Frankfurt (AS680)

to prevent announcement to the specific Peering, just add
1000 to the community - i.e. setting AS8319:1050 blocks
peering at MAE-FFM

other communities upon request

The above information was collected from, using
object "AS-NETHINKS" on Feburary 15, 2024

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