Communities Used by ElisaIP

These communities are recognized and used by AS6667

NOTE: These communities will evolve with changes in transit providers and exchange points. If you are having problems with the communities, check here first to see if a community has been changed or removed. We will try to not change the meaning of a community unless the new meaning is a direct replacement.

Local Preference

The communities that set the local preference within our network are usable by all customers and peers. The default local preference for customers is 101 and for peers it is 100. The default local preference for transits is 90. Local preference of 80 is meant for backup provided by a customer or peer to someone else and the local preference of 110 is meant for overriding routing to choose a certain path over others. Peers can't set a preference of 110.

Local Preference
Community Effect
6667:80 Set LOCAL_PREF to 80
6667:90 Set LOCAL_PREF to 90
6667:100 Set LOCAL_PREF to 100
6667:110 Set LOCAL_PREF to 110

Announce Route

The communities that control route announcement to peers and transits are only available to customers. The x specifies what the action for the said target is:

0 Announce as is ..
1 Announce with 6667 prepended to as-path ...
2 Announce with 6667 6667 prepended to as-path ...
3 Announce with 6667 6667 6667 prepended to as-path ...
9 Don't announce ... (default and takes precedence if present)

We will also let external communities through from customers. This will enable customers to use similar communities of our peers and transits. Some pages describing these communities have been collected at the end of the page.

Announce Route
Community Effect
6667:90x to all AS6667 customers
6667:100x to all transits
6667:101x to AS3356 Level3
6667:102x to AS3549 Global Crossing
6667:103x to AS3320 T-Systems
6667:104x to AS1239 Sprint Nextel
6667:105x to AS1273 Cable&Wireless
6667:106x to AS702 Verizon
6667:200x to all peers
6667:201x to peers in Helsinki Finland and at Ficix
6667:202x to peers in Stockholm Sweden and at Netnod
6667:203x to peers in London United Kingdom and as LINX
6667:204x to peers in Frankfurt Germany and at DECIX
6667:205x to peers in Copenhagen Denmark and at DIX
6667:206x to peers in Oslo Norway and at NIX
6667:207x to peers in Amsterdam The Netherlands and at AMS-IX
6667:208x to peers in New York USA and at NYIIX

Route Origins

These communities are tagged on all routes to distinguish their origins. They are sent to everyone but not excepted from outside. They are there to let customers filter routes based on route source.

Standard customers announce all their routes to us with communities 6667:900, 6667:1000 and 6667:2000. When Elisa receives the routes, they are tagged with 6667:300x and the local location community (6667:4xxx.)

Route Origins
Community Effect
6667:3000 Internal or customer
6667:3001 Public peering
6667:3003 Private peering
6667:3004 Transit
6667:4000 Tampere Finland
6667:4001 Turku Finland
6667:4002 Helsinki Finland
6667:4003 Stockholm Sweden
6667:4004 London United Kingdom
6667:4005 Frankfurt Germany
6667:4006 Hamburg Germany
6667:4007 Copenhagen Denmark
6667:4008 Oslo Norway
6667:4009 Amsterdam The Netherlands
6667:4010 New York USA

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