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AS8218 public communities

Communities settable by customers:

8218:9999customer blackhole (works up to /32)
8218:1010customer secondary session (set localpref 10 less than normal customer session)
8218:1020push customer below peering (set localpref 10 less than peers)
8218:1030push customer below transit (set localpref 10 less than transit providers)
8218:2010do not announce to AS6461 (AboveNet)
8218:2011prepend once
8218:2012prepend twice
8218:2013prepend thrice
8218:2020do not announce to transit-1 (AS3257 Tiscali)
8218:2021prepend once to transit-1
8218:2022prepend twice to transit-1
8218:2023prepend thrice to transit-1
8218:2030 do not announce to transit-2 (AS3549 Global Crossing)
8218:2031prepend once to transit-2
8218:2032prepend twice to transit-2
8218:2033prepend thrice to transit-2

One of the following communities will be set on all routes announced to customers:

8218:100internal prefix
8218:101prefix received from AS8218 customer
8218:102prefix received from AS8218 peer
8218:103prefix received from transit
8218:104prefix received from AS6461 neo customer
8218:105prefix received from AS6461 neo peer

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