Internal BGP Communities


Communities accepted from customers:

(localpref 100 = default customer preference)

23265:10 localpref 10 (lower than transit)
23265:95 localpref 95 (same as peers)
23265:105 localpref 105
23265:110 localpref 110

announcement control (cannot be combined with local-pref control):
23265:9200 do not announce to accretive
23265:9201 pad once to accretive
23265:9202 pad twice to accretive

23265:9400 do not annoucne to ATT
23265:9401 pad once to ATT
23265:9402 pad twice to ATT

23265:9300 do not announce to Level3
23265:9301 pad once to Level3
23265:9302 pad twice to Level3

23265:9100 do not announce to Internap
23265:9101 pad once to Internap
23265:9102 pad twice to Internap

Internal Use Communities:

23265:800 carry route in non full table routers

23265:990 no export

23265:666 Blackhole at network border (customers must ask us to setup this community for their use)

23265:720 announce to walla walla private peers
23265:991 announce to customers
23265:992 announce to peers and customers
23265:993 announce to transit, peers and customers
23265:994 announce to transit, peers and customers without padding to any transit

Communities sent to customers:

23265:1000 All transit routes
  23265:1040 all routes from ATT (AS7018)
23265:1020 all routes from accretive networks (AS11608)
23265:1022 accretive networks Seattle Peers
23265:1023 accretive networks Palo Alto Peers
23265:1030 all routes from Level3 (AS3356 & AS7911)
23265:1010 all routes from Internap Westin (AS6993)

23265:2000 All Peer routes

23265:2010 Seattle IX
23265:2020 Tri cities IX (at PNL)
23265:2030 Walla Walla private peers
23265:2310 go180 private peering (in Tri-cities)
23265:2320 whitman private peering (in walla walla)

23265:4000 All Customers
  23265:4010 Seattle customers
23265:4020 Tri-cities Customers
23265:4030 Walla Walla Customers

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