Helpdesk/NOC: carrier-csc@teliacompany.com


Peering: peering@telia.net


Community Action (default local pref 200)
1299:50 Set local pref 50 within AS1299 (lowest possible)
1299:150 Set local pref 150 within AS1299 (equal to peer, backup)

European peers
Community Action
--------- ------
1299:200x All peers Europe incl:

1299:250x Sprint/1239
1299:252x NTT/2914
1299:253x Zayo/Abovenet/6461
1299:254x Orange/FT/5511
1299:256x Level3/3356
1299:257x Verizon/702
1299:258x AT&T/2686
1299:259x Telxius/Telefonica/12956
1299:263x TATA/6453
1299:264x DTAG/3320
1299:269x GTT/Inteliquent/3257
1299:270x UPC/6830
1299:273x Cogent/174
1299:274x Telecom Italia/6762
1299:275x Tele2/1257
1299:284x Vodafone/1273
1299:287x China Unicom/4837
1299:288x China Telecom/4134

North American peers
Community Action
--------- ------
1299:500x All peers North America incl:

1299:550x Sprint/1239
1299:552x NTT/2914
1299:553x Zayo/Abovenet/6461
1299:554x Orange/FT/5511
1299:556x Level3/3356
1299:557x Verizon/701
1299:558x AT&T/7018
1299:559x Telxius/Telefonica/12956
1299:563x TATA/6453
1299:566x Comcast/7922
1299:569x GTT/Inteliquent/3257
1299:570x UPC/6830
1299:573x Cogent/174
1299:574x Telecom Italia/6762
1299:578x XO Comm/2828
1299:587x China Unicom/4837
1299:588x China Telecom/4134

Asia peers
Community Action
--------- ------
1299:700x All peers Asia incl:

1299:754x Orange/FT/5511
1299:756x Level3/3356
1299:757x Verizon/703
1299:758x AT&T/2687
1299:769x GTT/Inteliquent/3257
1299:774x Telecom Italia/6762
1299:784x Vodafone/1273
1299:787x China Unicom/4837
1299:788x China Telecom/4134
1299:794x PCCW/3491

Where x is number of prepends (x=0,1,2,3) or do NOT announce (x=9)


We are listening to community GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN according to


Route Flap Damping Policy is applied.


AS1299 is matching RPKI validation state and reject
invalid prefixes from peers and customers.

Our looking-glass at https://lg.telia.net/ marks
validation state for all prefixes.

Please review your registered ROAs to reduce number
of invalid prefixes.

The above information was collected from whois.ripe.net, using
object "AS1299" on January 15, 2021

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