You may use BGP (Extended) Communities to control
route advertisement via the Route Servers:

(6695:6695): Redistribute to all Route Server peers
(6695:$PEER-AS), (rt:6695:$PEER-AS): Redistribute to $PEER-AS
(0:$PEER-AS), (rt:0:$PEER-AS): Redistribute to all peers except $PEER-AS
(0:6695): Do not redistribute

If $PEER-AS uses a 2B ASN, you may use Standard or Extended Communities
If $PEER-AS uses a 4B ASN, you have to use Extended Communities

There are additional communities for controlling announcements:

65535:666 set community BLACKHOLE
6695:65281 set community NO-EXPORT
6695:65282 set community NO-ADVERTISE

For more information on Route Server control and Blackholing, please see:

The above information was collected from, using
object "AS6695" on September 15, 2019

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