Customers may set any of the following communities in order to alter the
default treatment of prefixes advertised to Zayo.

6461:5000       suppress announcement to all peers
6461:5001       prepend once to all peers
6461:5002       prepend twice to all peers
6461:5003       prepend three times to all peers

6461:5010       suppress announcement to all EU peers
6461:5011       prepend once to all EU peers
6461:5012       prepend twice to all EU peers
6461:5013       prepend three times to all EU peers

6461:5060       set localpref inside AS6461 to 60 (transit-backup)
6461:5180       set localpref inside AS6461 to 180 (transit-depref)
6461:5220       set localpref inside AS6461 to 220 (transit-preferred)

6461:5500       do not announce to UUNET (AS701)
6461:5501       prepend once to UUNET (AS701)
6461:5502       prepend twice to UUNET (AS701)
6461:5503       prepend three times to UUNET (AS701)

6461:5510       do not announce to Sprint (AS1239)
6461:5511       prepend once to Sprint (AS1239)
6461:5512       prepend twice to Sprint (AS1239)
6461:5513       prepend three times to Sprint (AS1239)

6461:5520       do not announce to Cable & Wireless (AS3561)
6461:5521       prepend once to Cable & Wireless (AS3561)
6461:5522       prepend twice to Cable & Wireless (AS3561)
6461:5523       prepend three times to Cable & Wireless (AS3561)

6461:5530       do not announce to AOL (AS1668)
6461:5531       prepend once to AOL (AS1668)
6461:5532       prepend twice to AOL (AS1668)
6461:5533       prepend three times to AOL (AS1668)

6461:5540       do not announce to AT&T (AS7018)
6461:5541       prepend once to AT&T (AS7018)
6461:5542       prepend twice to AT&T (AS7018)
6461:5543       prepend three times to AT&T (AS7018)

6461:5550       do not announce to Level3 (AS3356)
6461:5551       prepend once to Level3 (AS3356)
6461:5552       prepend twice to Level3 (AS3356)
6461:5553       prepend three times to Level3 (AS3356)

6461:5560       do not announce to SBC (AS7132)
6461:5561       prepend once to SBC (AS7132)
6461:5562       prepend twice to SBC (AS7132)
6461:5563       prepend three times to SBC (AS7132)

6461:5990       blackhole route -- drop all traffic destined to this prefix

65535:65281     (a.k.a. NO_EXPORT) do not announce to anyone

Every route sent to customers will have one of the following five
communities attached to it to identify its origin within AS6461:

6461:5995       exchange-point prefix
6461:5996       prefix was learned from an eu-only peer
6461:5997       prefix was learned from a global peer
6461:5998       prefix was learned from a customer
6461:5999       internal prefix

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