AS8714 is used for the LINX Route Server.
For LINX members to connect to the route server use of BGP
Communities must be employed to control outgoing information via
the route server. For members to enforce policy routes must be
tagged with either of the following :

block announcement of a route to a certain peer 0:peer-as
announcement of a route to a certain peer 8714:peer-as
block announcement of a route to all peers 0:8714
announcement of a route to all peers 8714:8714

This AS has no route policy registered
due the nature of how the route servers operate

For more information pleasae contact support@linx.net
Please DO NOT send spam or hack complaints to us where
a trace to the source (but not the Received: headers)
reveals one of:
195.66.224.x, 195.66.225.x, 195.66.226.x, 195.66.227.x,
195.66.228.x, 195.66.230.x,
195.66.236.x, 195.66.237.x, 195.66.238.x, 195.66.239.x\
195.66.244.x , &
As we are not the origin of the spam/hack or the owner of
these routers, we CANNOT usually take any action.
Please DO NOT just e-mail all contacts or we'll all
ignore it.
Complaints go to the ISP at the source network, not us.
Please note that devices in,,,, , &
are mostly LINX member routers.
We assign IP addresses to members in this
range for the purposes of peering across our LAN, and
To report problems that relate to another ISP's network
please look them up by the peer *AS NUMBER*
on your router, or via the LINX looking glass,
or the reverse DNS, or otherwise contact
the peer ISP directly
The above information was collected from whois.ripe.net, using
object "AS8714" on June 15, 2024

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