Original Document AS6461 BGP community v2


6461:5000	suppress announcement to all peers		
6461:5009	suppress announcement to APAC peers		
6461:5010	suppress announcement to EU peers		
6461:5001	prepend once to all peers		
6461:5002	prepend twice to all peers		
6461:5003	prepend three times to all peers		
6461:5060	set local pref to 60		
6461:5100	set local pref to 100		
6461:5180	set local pref to 180		
6461:5220	set local pref to 220		
6461:5240	set local pref to 240 L3VPN - Default is 200		
6461:5250	set local pref to 250 L3VPN - Default is 200		
6461:5990	blackhole route		
65535:65281	no export to eBGP		
65535:65282	no advertise to iBGP		

Outbound Customer Communities
6461:5994	Prefixes learned via a peering session in APAC		
6461:5995	Prefixes learned across a public peering exchange		
6461:5996	Prefixes learned via a peering session in the EU		
6461:5997	learned from a peer		
6461:5998	learned from a customer		
6461:5999	learned from an internal resource		

Peer De-Pref			

6461:5500	do not announce to Verizon (AS701)		
6461:5501	prepend once to Verizon (AS701)		
6461:5502	prepend twice to Verizon (AS701)		
6461:5503	prepend three times to Verizon (AS701)		

6461:5505	do not announce to BT (AS2856)		
6461:5506	prepend once to BT (AS2856)		
6461:5507	prepend twice to BT (AS2856)		
6461:5508	prepend three times to BT (AS2856)		

6461:5510	do not announce to Sprint (AS1239)		
6461:5511	prepend once to Sprint (AS1239)		
6461:5512	prepend twice to Sprint (AS1239)		
6461:5513	prepend three times to Sprint (AS1239)		

6461:5515	do not announce to France Telecom (AS5511)		
6461:5516	prepend once to France Telecom (AS5511)		
6461:5517	prepend twice to France Telecom (AS5511)		
6461:5518	prepend three times to France Telecom (AS5511)		

6461:5520	do not announce to Savvis (AS3561)		
6461:5521	prepend once to Savvis (AS3561)		
6461:5522	prepend twice to Savvis (AS3561)		
6461:5523	prepend three times to Savvis (AS3561)		

6461:5525	do not announce to China Unicom (AS4837)		
6461:5526	prepend once to China Unicom (AS4837)		
6461:5527	prepend twice to China Unicom (AS4837)		
6461:5528	prepend three times to China Unicom (AS4837)		

6461:5530	do not announce to AOL (AS1668)		
6461:5531	prepend once to AOL (AS1668)		
6461:5532	prepend twice to AOL (AS1668)		
6461:5533	prepend three times to AOL (AS1668)		

6461:5535	do not announce to Bell Nexxia (AS577)		
6461:5536	prepend once to Bell Nexxia (AS577)		
6461:5537	prepend twice to Bell Nexxia (AS577)		
6461:5538	prepend three times to Bell Nexxia (AS577)		

6461:5540	do not announce to ATT (AS7018)		
6461:5541	prepend once to ATT (AS7018)		
6461:5542	prepend twice to ATT (AS7018)		
6461:5543	prepend three times to ATT (AS7018)		

6461:5550	do not announce to Level3 (AS3356)		
6461:5551	prepend once to Level3 (AS3356)		
6461:5552	prepend twice to Level3 (AS3356)		
6461:5553	prepend three times to Level3 (AS3356)		

6461:5555	do not announce to Telecom Italia (AS6762)		
6461:5556	prepend once to Telecom Italia (AS6762)		
6461:5557	prepend twice to Telecom Italia (AS6762)		
6461:5558	prepend three times to Telecom Italia (AS6762)		

6461:5565	do not announce to Cogent (AS174)		
6461:5566	prepend once to Cogent (AS174)		
6461:5567	prepend twice to Cogent (AS174)		
6461:5568	prepend three times to Cogent (AS174)		

6461:5570	do not announce to DTAG (AS3320)		
6461:5571	prepend once to DTAG (AS3320)		
6461:5572	prepend twice to DTAG (AS3320)		
6461:5573	prepend three times to DTAG (AS3320)		

6461:5575	do not announce to Century Link (AS209)		
6461:5576	prepend once to Century Link (AS209)		
6461:5577	prepend twice to Century Link (AS209)		
6461:5578	prepend three times to Century Link (AS209)		

6461:5580	do not announce to Telia (AS1299)		
6461:5581	prepend once to Telia (AS1299)		
6461:5582	prepend twice to Telia (AS1299)		
6461:5583	prepend three times to Telia (AS1299)		

6461:5585	do not announce to Cox (AS22773)		
6461:5586	prepend once to Cox (AS22773)		
6461:5587	prepend twice to Cox (AS22773)		
6461:5588	prepend three times to Cox (AS22773)		

6461:5590	do not announce to China Telecom (AS4134)		
6461:5591	prepend once to China Telecom (AS4134)		
6461:5592	prepend twice to China Telecom (AS4134)		
6461:5593	prepend three times to China Telecom (AS4134)		

6461:5600	do not announce to NTT (AS2914) )		
6461:5601	prepend once to NTT (AS2914)		
6461:5602	prepend twice to NTT (AS2914)		
6461:5603	prepend three times to NTT (AS2914)		

6461:5605	do not announce to XO (AS2828)		
6461:5606	prepend once to XO (AS2828)		
6461:5607	prepend twice to XO (AS2828)		
6461:5608	prepend three times to XO (AS2828)		

6461:5610	do not announce to Comcast (AS7922)		
6461:5611	prepend once to Comcast (AS7922)		
6461:5612	prepend twice to Comcast (AS7922)		
6461:5613	prepend three times to Comcast (AS7922)		

6461:5620	do not announce to KDDI (AS2516)		
6461:5621	prepend once to KDDI (AS2516)		
6461:5622	prepend twice to KDDI (AS2516)		
6461:5623	prepend three times to KDDI (AS2516)		

6461:5625	do not announce to TINET GTT (AS3257)		
6461:5626	prepend once to TINET GTT (AS3257)		
6461:5627	prepend twice to TINET GTT (AS3257)		
6461:5628	prepend three times to TINET GTT (AS3257)		

6461:5630	do not announce to AMAZON (AS16509)		
6461:5631	prepend once to AMAZON (AS16509)		
6461:5632	prepend twice to AMAZON (AS16509)		
6461:5633	prepend three times to AMAZON (AS16509)		

6461:5635	do not announce to Altice (AS6128)		
6461:5636	prepend once to Altice (AS6128)		
6461:5637	prepend twice to Altice (AS6128)		
6461:5638	prepend three times to Altice (AS6128)		

6461:5640	do not announce to Telstra (AS4637)		
6461:5641	Prepend once to Telstra (AS4637)		
6461:5642	Prepend twice to Telstra (AS4637)		
6461:5643	Prepend three times to Telstra (AS4637)		

6461:5645	do not announce to Tata (AS6453)		
6461:5646	Prepend once to Tata (AS6453)		
6461:5647	Prepend twice to Tata (AS6453)		
6461:5648	Prepend three times to Tata (AS6453)		

6461:5650	do not announce to TWC AS7843		
6461:5651	Prepend once to TWC AS7843		
6461:5652	Prepend two to TWC AS7843		
6461:5653	Prepend three to TWC AS7843		

6461:5655	do not announce to HE (AS6939)		
6461:5656	Prepend once to HE (AS6939)		
6461:5657	Prepend two to HE (AS6939)		
6461:5658	Prepend three to HE (AS6939)		

6461:5660	do not announce to China Mobile (AS58453)		
6461:5661	Prepend once to China Mobile (AS58453)		
6461:5662	Prepend two to China Mobile (AS58453)		
6461:5663	Prepend three to China Mobile (AS58453)		

6461:5665	do not announce to Charter/Spectrum (AS20115)		
6461:5666	Prepend once to Charter/Spectrum (AS20115)		
6461:5667	Prepend two to Charter/Spectrum (AS20115)		
6461:5668	Prepend three to Charter/Spectrum (AS20115)		

6461:5670	do not announce to PCCW Global (AS3491)		
6461:5671	Prepend once to PCCW Global (AS3491)		
6461:5672	Prepend two to PCCW Global (AS3491)
6461:5673	Prepend three to PCCW Global (AS3491)		

6461:5675	Do not announce to WIOCC Global (AS37662)		
6461:5676	Prepend once to WIOCC Global (AS37662)		
6461:5677	Prepend two to WIOCC Global (AS37662)		
6461:5678	Prepend three to WIOCC Global (AS37662)		

6461:5680	Do not announce to Superloop (AS38195)		
6461:5681	Prepend once to Superloop (AS38195)		
6461:5682	Prepend two to Superloop (AS38195)		
6461:5683	Prepend three to Superloop (AS38195)		

Peer Leak			
6461:5900	leak to Sprint (AS1239)		
6461:5901	leak to Verizon (AS701)		
6461:5902	leak to ATT (AS7018)		
6461:5903	leak to AOL (AS1668)		
6461:5904	leak to Qwest (AS209)		
6461:5905	leak to DTAG (AS3320)		
6461:5906	leak to Rogers Cable (AS812)		
6461:5907	leak to Telia (AS1299)		
6461:5908	leak to Global Crossing (AS3549)		
6461:5909	leak to TInet (AS3257)		
6461:5910	leak to Savvis (AS3561)		
6461:5911	leak to France Telecom (AS5511)		
6461:5912	leak to Level 3 Communications (AS3356)		
6461:5914	leak to KDDI (AS2516)

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