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BT Infonet's Communities

We accept the following communities :

Prepend (EU peers):
3300:2000 prepend to all EU-peers
3300:2002 prepend to AS286, KPN Eurorings
3300:2003 prepend to AS2686, IBM GN
3300:2005 prepend to AS702, UUNET
3300:2006 prepend to AS3333, RIPE NCC
3300:2008 prepend to AS8220, COLT eu
3300:2009 prepend to AS6830, UPC (Formally Chello)
3300:2010 prepend to AS1239, Sprint
3300:2011 prepend to AS3549, Global Crossing
3300:2013 prepend to AS5583, Equant
3300:2015 prepend to AS5413, Concentric EU
3300:2016 prepend to AS2914, Verio
3300:2017 prepend to AS5400, BT
3300:2019 prepend to AS3291, PSInet Europe
3300:2020 prepend to AS2874, Global One
3300:2021 prepend to AS1136, KPN
3300:2022 prepend to AS2818, BBC Interney Services, UK
3300:2023 prepend to AS3561, Cable&Wireless
3300:2025 prepend to AS8560, Schlund + Partner
3300:2027 prepend to AS9143, @Home
3300:2028 prepend to AS3292, TDC
3300:2029 prepend to AS15412, FLAG
3300:2030 prepend to AS3303, Swisscom
3300:2031 prepend to AS1273, C&W Europe+C34
3300:2032 prepend to AS174, Cogent Communications

Do not announce (EU peers):
3300:2100 do not announce to all peers
3300:2102 do not announce to AS286, KPN Eurorings
3300:2103 do not announce to AS2686, IBM GN
3300:2105 do not announce to AS702, UUNET
3300:2106 do not announce to AS3333, RIPE NCC
3300:2108 do not announce to AS8220, COLT eu
3300:2109 do not announce to AS6830, UPC (Formally Chello)
3300:2110 do not announce to AS1239, Sprint
3300:2111 do not announce to AS3549, Global Crossing
3300:2113 do not announce to AS5583, Equant
3300:2115 do not announce to AS5413, Concentric EU
3300:2116 do not announce to AS2914, Verio
3300:2117 do not announce to AS5400, BT
3300:2119 do not announce to AS3291, PSInet Europe
3300:2120 do not announce to AS2874, Global One
3300:2121 do not announce to AS1136, KPN
3300:2122 do not announce to AS2818, BBC Interney Services, UK
3300:2123 do not announce to AS3561, Cable&Wireless
3300:2125 do not announce to AS8560, Schlund + Partner
3300:2128 do not announce to AS3292, TDC
3300:2129 do not announce to AS15412, FLAG
3300:2130 do not announce to AS3303, Swisscom
3300:2131 do not announce to AS1273, C&W Europe
3300:2132 do not announce to AS174, Cogent Communications

Prepend (US peers):
3300:2200 prepend to all US-peers
3300:2201 prepend to AS6461, MFN
3300:2202 prepend to AS6079, RCN
3300:2203 prepend to AS8001, Net Access Corp
3300:2204 prepend to AS8220, Colt USA
3300:2205 prepend to AS2497, IJJ (Japan)
3300:2206 prepend to AS2516, KDDI
3300:2209 prepend to AS4513, GLOBIX
3300:2211 prepend to AS11867, PRIMUSTEL
3300:2213 prepend to AS2914, VERIO
3300:2214 prepend to AS4181, TDS Telecom
3300:2215 prepend to AS7132, SBC (East-coast)
3300:2216 prepend to AS7132, SBC (West-coast)
3300:2217 prepend to AS8075, Microsoft USA
3300:2219 prepend to AS7911, Williams Communications
3300:2220 prepend to AS297, NASA
3300:2221 prepend to AS10310, Yahoo
3300:2222 prepend to AS3491, BTN-PCCW
3300:2223 prepend to AS14361, Hop One
3300:2224 prepend to AS4323, Time Warner
3300:2225 prepend to AS6830, UPC - USA
3300:2226 prepend to AS4788, TMNet
3300:2228 prepend to AS19029, New Edge Networks
3300:2230 prepend to AS25973, Mzima

Do not announce (US peers):
3300:2300 do not announce to all peers
3300:2301 do not announce to AS6461, MFN
3300:2302 do not announce to AS6079, RCN
3300:2303 do not announce to AS8001, Net Access Corp.
3300:2304 do not announce to AS8220, Colt USA
3300:2305 do not announce to AS2497, IJJ (Japan)
3300:2306 do not announce to AS2516, KDDI
3300:2309 do not announce to AS4513, GLOBIX
3300:2311 do not announce to AS11867, PRIMUSTEL
3300:2313 do not announce to AS2914, VERIO
3300:2314 do not announce to AS4181, TDS Telecom
3300:2315 do not announce to AS7132, SBC (East-coast)
3300:2316 do not announce to AS7132, SBC (West-coast)
3300:2317 do not announce to AS8075, Microsoft USA
3300:2319 do not announce to AS7911, Williams Communications
3300:2320 do not announce to AS297, NASA
3300:2321 do not announce to AS10310, Yahoo
3300:2322 do not announce to AS3491, BT-PCCW
3300:2323 do not announce to AS14361, Hop One
3300:2324 do not announce to AS4323, Time Warner
3300:2325 do not announce to AS6830, UPC - USA
3300:2326 do not announce to AS4788, TMNet
3300:2327 do not announce to AS22934, CET Networks
3300:2328 do not announce to AS19029, New Edge Networks
3300:2330 do not announce to AS25973, Mzima

Prepend (Asia Pac peers):
3300:2400 Prepend all peers
3300:2402 Prepend to AS1239, Sprint Asia Pac

Do not announce (Asia Pac peers):
3300:2500 Do not announce to all peers
3300:2502 Do not announce to AS1239, Sprint Asia Pac

Prepend (South America peers):
3300:2600 Prepend all peers

Do not announce (South America peers):
3300:2700 Do not announce to all peers

Local Pref:
3300:0901 set localpref 50
3300:0902 set localpref 150
3300:0903 set localpref 250

Transit General:
3300:4006 do not advertize to transit

European transit:
3300:4001 prepent to BT (1x)
3300:4002 prepent to BT (2x)

US transit:

3300:4111 prepend to KPNQwest Transit (1x)
3300:4112 prepend to KPNQwest Transit (2x)

3300:4121 prepend to Sprint Transit (1x)
3300:4122 prepend to Sprint Transit (2x)

3300:4201 prepend to Level3 Transit (1x)
3300:4202 prepend to Level3 Transit (2x)

3300:4211 prepend to MetroRed Transit (1x)
3300:4212 prepend to MetroRed Transit (2x)

3300:4221 prepend to Diveo (1x)
3300:4222 prepend to Diveo (2x)

3300:4231 prepend to RedUno (1x)
3300:4232 prepend to RedUno (2x)

3300:4401 prepend to Reach Transit AS4637 (1x)
3300:4402 prepend to Reach Transit AS4637 (2x)

3300:4501 prepend to Telstra Transit AS1221 (1x)
3300:4502 prepend to Telstra Transit AS1221 (2x)

Please note that the usage of communities is restricted to the following restrictions:

This list is updated regularly, however, as our network is rapidly expanding, customers are advised to contact the Internet Network Management Centre for the most up-to-date list.

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