Local preferences in AS3239
100 route from customer (default)
90 route from customer (backup)
85 route from prefered peering point
80 route from peering point
75 route from prefered upstream
70 route from upstream
60 lowest LP in the AS3239
BGP community list
Control localpref in the AS3239 backbone
3239:NN Set localpref to NN (60,70,90)
Do not announce route to upstream or peer
Control announces to upstream NN
x is number of prepends (1..4) or do not announce (0)
Route is learned from upstream or peering point NN
NN is
01 RTcomm (AS8342)
03 Relcom (AS2118)
05 URC FreeNET (AS8324)
06 UUNET/MCI (AS702)
08 Comline (AS29648)
09 USI (AS35400)
The above information was collected from whois.ripe.net, using
object "AS3239" on July 15, 2024

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