Saarbrucken, DE

Local preferences in AS20535
100 customers (default)
70 upstreams
60 use AS20535 as backup only

BGP community list

Control localpref in the AS20535 backbone
20535:60 Set localpref to 60 (use AS20535 as backup)
20535:70 Set localpref to 70

Control route announcement to the upstreams
20535:1NN0 - do not announce to NN
20535:1NNx - prepend AS20535 x times while announcing to NN

Route is learned from peer NN

x is number of prepends (1, 2, 3) or do not announce (0)
NN is
01 Telia-Sonera (AS1299)
02 Level3 (AS3356)
03 Masterhost (AS25532)
04 ReTN (AS9002)

Route is learned from upstream, do not announce it
to other upstreams.

AS20535 does not accept or announce
prefixes longer than 24 bits

created 19960113
The above information was collected from, using
object "AS20535" on September 15, 2019

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